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340, Art & Design Annual

Every year a group of students at Tidewater Community College is selected to design their yearly magazine, "340 High Street," showcasing the work of the past year's students, named after the location of their historic Visual Art Center located in Portsmouth. The group of 8 other students and I had a unique opportunity to create a new concept for coming years to follow as TCC was in the process of moving to a new campus in Norfolk, Virginia.

We decided to use the book as a send-off to our former home and include elements of the building's construction as design motifs, such as its iconic red pillars. We also got the chance to use smyth sewn binding, which allows the book to lay completely flat, allowing for more unique layouts.

With these innovative ideas and history behind them, I thought it only made sense to elevate the name of the book to fit these changes and came up with the title, "340, Student Art & Design Annual." Honoring where we came from, and where we’re going.

Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Printing


January 2022


Client Work


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