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Zo's Desserts & More Rebrand

Zo's Desserts, originally started in 2015, was the brainchild of Alonzo Corprew, a young baker with a dream to blend his bubbly personality with his baking. In late 2017, his small side hustle grew to become the fastest-growing black-owned bakery in Portsmouth. Now he wants his branding to reflect his growth as well as his expanded menu.

I created a distinct branding that will attract more customers, like Zo, by using hand-drawn elements with modern, clean typography to convey the bakery's creative recipes. My color palette choices also drew inspiration from the bakery's signature treats, as well as neon signage, as the owner also hosts late-night events.

To ensure brand consistency, I extended this design across various collateral, including business cards, signage packaging, and a vehicle wrap to show off their brand as they carry out delivery orders. By harmonizing visual elements with the bakery's core values and unique flavors, I've contributed to building a memorable brand that resonates with both loyal customers and newcomers alike, helping them stand out in a competitive market, and position them as a young prominent business that is making waves in the baking industry.

Graphic Design, Branding, and Creative Direction


August 2022


Client Work


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